Long live the camelina! The roasted oil winner of the SIRHA Innovation Award 2023

The company

Our history

Produce. Transform. Promote. Camelina

Composed of seven people from the same family, we are, like our employees and partners, fascinated by this camelina plant with its mysterious history. Together, with you, we are writing the history of camelina and rediscovering camelina in broad daylight.

Producer and processor

Since 2007, we have been growing camelina in our fields in collaboration with various Quebec producers. This Nordic plant adapts perfectly to our Quebec climate. We are constantly working to develop sustainable and eco-responsible cultivation techniques in order to produce the best camelina, while respecting our land.

Did you know that...

Our products are in more than 1000 points of sale in Quebec.

Our team

is made up of a dozen local people!

Our factory

A plant dedicated to camelina: energy-responsible construction

In 2018, Oliméga finalized the construction of a factory dedicated to camelina. It is equipped with a wall of solar panels with an inner tube heated by solar energy, an innovative initiative that saves 23 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year, or even 10 cars withdrawn from the market. An innovative design produced by Enerprox Inc., a Quebec company. Another Olimega pride!

Our vision and our mission

To be leaders in the production and processing of camelina. Constantly seek sustainable and eco-responsible agricultural cultivation techniques. Develop camelina-based foods, while respecting our values ​​of quality, innovation and authenticity, with a view to reducing our ecological footprint.

Produce, process and promote camelina and its benefits through the development and marketing of camelina-based products. Develop a new agricultural culture. Introduce a new food category to meet the needs of Quebec, Canadian and global markets.

Our products are a guarantee of quality and integrity. They proudly wear the Signé Caméline brand.